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Last day to sign up! You need to be a member of Quills and Parchment =)

I’m pretty excited to get my Mabon swaps outta the way and move on to the Samhain swaps, eee!

Pretty please join my witchy swap group and take part in our Autumn Equinox card exchange!

Quills and Parchment

Hey everyone!

I’ve recently joined Swap-bot, a super fun website where you can join and host swaps. Today I decided to make a swap group for my fellow snail mailin’ witches! I have a few fun swaps thought up, including a few easy e-mail/Pinterest swaps for newbies who need to get their ratings up.

If you’d like to join my group, please do! I’m super excited to start some witchy swaps =)


I blogged! Click the link below for some ideas on how you can celebrate Ostara =)
The Witches’ Sabbats: Ostara

I blogged! Click the link below for some ideas on how you can celebrate Ostara =)

The Witches’ Sabbats: Ostara

The Faolan Girl

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I’ve moved!

Hello followers and friends ♥

I’ve recently moved my witchy postings to a new Tumblr - The Faolan Girl. I’ve been trying to post more personal tidbits about my everyday witchy life, which is quite difficult for someone as shy as I am, but I’m enjoying the challenge! If you’d like to follow me, please do so. I’d appreciate the company =)

Tips for Money Spells.

Spells for financial growth, to increase money or business, should coincide with the waxing moon.

April 1st - April Fools’ Day

Creative Trickery.

Rabbit, a trickster in the myths of cultures in North America and Africa (as well as modern myths such as Watership Down by Richard Adams), is particularly appropriate for this day. While Rabbit (as with any trickster) should be approached with care, he tends to be gentle in his lessons. Rabbit and his children are renowned for their fertility. While fertility is often taken literally, as pro-creation of various species, it can also mean more general growth. As spring is the beginning of the growing season in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s a great time for putting projects and endeavors into motion. When things go wrong, ask the trickster for tips on creative solutions:

Rabbit, Rabbit, as you run
Stop a moment by my fire
To teach, to show, and to inspire
Some fertile growth (and a lot of fun!)

- Lupa

Spring Weather Spells.

* Use both caution and common sense when experimenting with wind magick.

- Ostara: Customs, Spells & Rituals for the Rites of Spring by Edain McCoy.

Quills and Parchment: Welcome!


This is a Tumblr for witches who love to write letters. [Or e-mails!]

You can browse the applications to find a suitable penpal, or you can submit your own application and cross your fingers =) Please remember to specify whether you are looking for a snail mail partner, e-mail, or just a Tumblr…